Christian Scholten

Master Student Cyber Security
University of Twente, Enschede

About Me

Hi, my name is Christian Scholten and I am a Cyber Security master student at the University of Twente in Enschede.


An overview of my current and previous projects:

C.S.V. Alphamore_vert

C.S.V. Alphaclose

I am the chairman of the IT-committee of C.S.V. Alpha. In this committee we build and maintain the website and other systems used by C.S.V. Alpha.

The front-end is coded using Ember and Bootstrap 4 and the back-end uses Ruby on Rails.


Module 4: Data & Information


For the project of the module Databases and Information, we were asked by Cofano to build an information system to keep track of their customers, projects and documentation, including version control. The project was graded with an 8.5.

The system was built using the Java Spring framework, Bootstrap 4.0, PostgreSQL and SASS.


Module 3: Network Systems


In the third module we were asked to build a chat application in Java that works in an Ad-Hoc network. One of the challenges was to code a=our own implementation of the network protocols.

The final application was able to store recent chats, detect whether a client is online or offline and some extras liek emoji support. It was graded with an 8.8

3D Four-in-a-rowmore_vert

Module 2: Software Systems

3D Four-in-a-rowclose

In he project of the third module we had to build a 3d-four-in-a-row game. Some of the required functionalities were: A protocol to play online games against other groups, an (semi) intelligent AI, and a variable board size and win length.

The project was created in Java and was graded with an 8.5


Module 1: Pearls of Computer Science


In this project we built a dashboard that predicts traffic congestions using p2000 tweets. WeKa was used together with a Bayesian algorithm to predict where it's most likely for a new congestion to occur. A bonus feature are the NS-puns. AS a joke we decided to train jokes and display them at random on the dashboard.

We coded the dasboard in python and the project was graded wth a 7.